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Day and night

Finally, the night has come. What a quite time of a day. There is no noise, just silence and a chance to concentrate. Specifically at night all the thoughts begin their active life.

So the day has come – bright sun, lots of people all around make its beauty. Day is full of energy, activity, actions. Whole world around comes to life!

Who are you, the ones, who cares about nighttime importance or prefers to stay in bed in such a time?

The project suggests you to find it out with a unusual way, and also to prove that your favorite daytime hours are best!

Create a deposit at a convenient time of a day and get revenue every day, indefinitely.


Project Rules

Deposit term
is unlimited!
1% - 5%
Minimum and maximum percent per day. The percent is calculated by the formula!
Recalculation of the floating percent. Automatic payments!
$10 - $10000
Minimum and maximum amount per deposit!
Formula for calculating floating interest

Affiliate program

7% - 2% - 1%
Project claims a three-level affiliate program.
8% - 3% - 1%
$250 and higher night deposits sum automatically activates the highly percentage “Owl”.
8% - 3% - 1%
$250 and higher day deposits sum automatically activates the highly percentage “Skylark”.
More about the affiliate program


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